Seems Gun Laws Don’t Apply if You Advocate For Gun Control

Apparently the law of the land in DC and Oregon is that if you don’t like guns you can break all the gun control laws you want.

Hillary vs the NRA

Hillary Clinton has picked a fight with the NRA and Second Amendment supporters. It was not required. From 1995 to 2012, the Democrats had shied away from public fights with the NRA, because of the severe beating at the polls they took in 1994.

Official Gun Free Zone Policy of Crossroads Mall in Minnesota

The mass stabbings that occurred at the Crossroads Center (Crossroads Mall) in St. Cloud occurred in a gun free, weapon free zone. It appears that the armed citizen who stopped the attack was not allowed to legally be armed in the mall.

Islamic Terrorism: Another Reason to ALWAYS Carry Your Sidearm

Islamic terrorists stabbing people in Minnesota, trying to blow people up and shooting them in NY/NJ, with more and more potential terrorists being ushered in like a going out of business sale by Barack Hussein Obama, the American people are more in need to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights than they have since 1812.

The Bloodiest Day In American History – Antietam

Over the course of 8 hours, the Battle of Antietam was over and around 23,000 soldiers lay dead or wounded or they were missing. The Battle of Antietam was the bloodiest single day battle in American history.

High Ranking Retired Chicago Officer Benefits from Carry Reform

Before the national Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) was passed, retired officers in Chicago did not have an option to legally carry, as there were no carry permits issued in Illinois. In Chicago, you could not obtain a permit to own a handgun.

If You Don’t Want To Get Shot, Don’t Pull a BB Gun On a Cop

I don’t know what one would expect to happen when, after running away from police down an alley you turn around, reach into your waist band and pull out a BB gun and point it at the officers. In the case of Tyree King, the answer was revealed as he was shot and killed.

Welcome To Constitutional Carry Missouri, Governor’s Veto OVERRIDDEN

Missouri becomes the 10th Constitutional Carry state in the nation, meaning that 20% of the states in America no longer require the extortion of money from and the hat in hand begging of citizens in order to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

NM: Armed Citizen Holds Hit and Run Driver for Police

An armed citizen got the suspect out the SUV and held him at gunpoint while calling police.

FINALLY, Gun Grabbers (Katie Couric and co.) Are Being Sued For Lying

Katie Couric and her cohort in the sham documentary “Under the Gun” Stephanie Soechtig are having to face the monetary fire for their nefarious and underhanded approach in misrepresenting a group of people that didn’t fit into their radical anti-gun narrative.

A Tale of Two Samaritan’s; one’s armed, one’s not

Being a good Samaritan is admirable but depending on what your helping hand is actually helping out on it could also be dangerous. A lesson a pair of do-gooders learned with polar results.

A SIGN of a black rifle has tourists in Maine crying over their lobster bisque

Apparently the tourists were SO offended by this sign that they tried to force the town of Boothbay Harbor to make Mr. Sample take it down.

ATF incompetence shines during Milwaukee Sting Operation; Comedy of Errors, Ignorance, and Bureaucratic Malpractice

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has done the entire country a service on its expose of ATF incompetence, malevolence, and unconcern for citizens and their rights. The Department of Justice released a 200 page report on the investigation that the Journal Sentinel instigated.

Never Forget: 15 Years After 9/11

Today is a somber day in America. It is 15 years since terrorists attacked our country and killed nearly 3,000 of our fellow Americans.

WI: Madison Banning Guns on City Transit Heard at Supreme Court

The City of Madison political structure has been ideologically opposed to the right to keep and bear arms for decades. It has paid out in lost lawsuits when it attempted to criminalize open carry by claiming that open carriers were “obstructing justice” and charging them with “disorderly conduct”.

NFL is ok with players sitting on their ass during the National Anthem but FINES a player who wants to honor 9/11 victims

This article isn’t about the athletes this time. It’s about the NFL itself and its pussyfooting around to make sure they don’t offend anyone that hates America.

Charges Dropped Against Open Carry Activist in Texas

On 27 February, 2016, Brett Sanders was arrested while openly carrying a firearm in Texas. He had refused to show the officers of the Southlake, Texas, Police Department, any identification or a Texas carry permit. Brett Sanders is an open carry and liberty activist.

September 9th: Happy Birthday UNITED STATES of America

The measure was overwhelming approved and the United Colonies of America officially became known as the United States of America. Colonies implied that they belonged to another nation or political body whereas States implied an independence free from the political control of another foreign power.